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Dominique Unpacked

Dominique Condison, born and raised in Jamaica, embodies a diverse range of roles and talents. As a visionary, entrepreneur, creative, dancer, and choreographer, she combines her passions to uplift and empower women and girls. The inception of this project stems from Dominique’s profound mission to shed light on the experiences and challenges faced by women while fostering a sense of communal support among both women and men.

The word “Meraki” holds deep significance for Dominique, as it encapsulates her belief of leaving a piece of her soul and essence in everything she undertakes. Driven by her unwavering commitment to execute each endeavour with zeal and compassion, she aspires to illuminate the divine artistry inherent in her work, inspiring transformative experiences that touch the hearts and minds of individuals.

Dominique’s vision extends beyond herself; she envisions a world where people are positively transformed through witnessing God’s artistry manifested in her creative endeavours. With a resolute dedication to her craft, she aims to ignite a spark of change, one person at a time, by weaving together the threads of passion, compassion, and artistic expression.

Through this project, Dominique aims to foster a deeper understanding of the varied experiences and challenges faced by women. By cultivating a community of support and empathy, she seeks to empower individuals to tap into their own unique essence and contribute to a collective journey of growth, resilience, and artistic brilliance.

Meet the other dancers


Elizabeth Lewis, a Jamaican Microbiology Lab Technician and avid dance enthusiast, finds immense delight in exploring various forms of self-expression, including acting and singing. These creative outlets allow her to unearth hidden facets of her identity, bringing her great joy and fulfilment.


Jaida Walker, was born in Jamaica and raised in both Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands. She is passionately carving a path in the field of Communication, Arts, and Technology.


Toni-Ann Phillips was born in Jamaica and has been passionately pursuing a career in the field of Marketing. Beyond her marketing pursuits, Toni-Ann has also made a mark in the world of dance.