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About The Woman Unpacked

“The Woman Unpacked” is an immersive dance film series that artistically explores varying experiences and transformative journeys of women through captivating choreography and powerful storytelling. Dance, as a creative medium, serves as a powerful tool, fostering a deep connection between the viewer and the storyteller (dancer). By forging this connection, we aim to inspire change, as people are more inclined to advocate for causes they feel connected to.


The project will highlight the struggles, triumphs, and unique perspectives of women from various backgrounds and how these experiences shape and mould women into who they are, or have the potential to become. By the end of the project, we would have opened the door to discussions surrounding the provision of support needed for women on their healing journey, individually and collectively.

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Why start a project of this nature?

There are many women who are going through life feeling as if they are alone in their struggle and without a community. We saw an opportunity to show healing women that we are more linked than we recognise. We do have the opportunity to create a community that supports each other through our struggles.


Communities manifest in diverse forms, encompassing online platforms, church groups, dance companies, work or charitable organisations, as well as the cherished bonds of family and friends we are fortunate to have. We saw the need to add to the conversations surrounding understanding, protecting, building and supporting women in our immediate and extended community.

The Mission of The Woman Unpacked

Our aim is to utilise dance as a medium to connect with and amplify the stories of women who often feel silenced or overlooked in their life experiences. We seek to nurture and celebrate each other’s individual journeys of womanhood by emphasising the power of a supportive community of women.


We strive to foster more frequent discussions on the topic of healing within our female and male community.

Why start with The Healing Woman?

We recognized an opportunity to demonstrate to women seeking healing that our experiences are more interconnected than we often realise. While our healing journeys are often undertaken individually, there exists a profound strength in healing within a supportive community, as not every facet of the journey requires solitude.

Vision of “The Healing Woman” Series

For women:

We hope for the project to spark conversation on the topic of healing. We wish for them to take a more holistic approach to their individual healing journeys and look deeper into how each woman can support their female friends and family on their journey as well.

For men:

We hope for men to become more empathetic and patient with understanding the experiences of a woman. We wish to provide guidance on how they can provide support to a woman (mum, sister, friend, wife, romantic partner) they love on her healing journey.

As they navigated their own paths of growth and self-acceptance, Marisa, Gabriella, Emma, and Diana formed an unbreakable bond. Together, they inspired and uplifted one another, becoming a living testament to the power of friendship and the transformative potential of self-love.