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This project is about highlighting the various experiences/challenges a woman may face throughout their lifetime. We seek to highlight how those experiences have shaped her into who she is/will be. One of the best ways to tell a story is using a creative approach. Dance provides a great way to help someone understand an experience and effect the necessary change. Engaging in recurring conversations about topics such as healing, protecting our women and building the female community. We decided to create a project that encompassed both dancing and conversing.


There are many women who are going through life feeling as if they are alone in their struggle and without a community. We saw an opportunity to show them that we are more linked than we recognise. We do have the opportunity to create a community that supports each other through our struggles. A community can manifest in various ways, online, a church group, a dance company, an organisation, the family and friends we have been blessed with. We saw the need to start some of these conversations that would shed some light on different ways of building the women in our immediate and extended community.


To use dance as a conversation starter to highlight the varying challenges women have faced throughout her lifetime and possible solutions. We want to show women that there’s power in being surrounded by a healthy group of women who are supportive of their womanhood journey.


To create a series of projects that highlight the various challenges/experiences a woman may face throughout her lifetime. We seek to partner with individuals and organisations globally who seek to protect and support women on their journey to becoming better versions of themselves.

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