The Queendom Building Project

This project is about using dance to empower young women and girls to become the best versions of themselves. The project is also geared towards educating them about the importance of incorporating movement into their lives for the purpose of  fostering a healthy relationship with themself and other females around them.


Dancing has been and is an integral part of our Jamaican culture. Studies have shown that it has aided in persons living healthier lifestyles through improvement of cognitive functions, social and emotional skills and physical abilities.


We wish to positively impact young women and girls using one of the most powerful tools of unity, which is dance. We want to improve the self-confidence and self-esteem of our young women and girls in Jamaica by giving them an outlet to express themselves in a safe environment.


To build a regional community of women and girls who are unapologetic in their pursuit of being the best version of themselves, supporting each other and guiding others who are seeking to improve their lifestyles using dance.

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