This project is about collaborating with other Jamaican female choreographers for a dance workshop and showcasing their different dance styles. It’s meant to be a space where other dancers can learn from the choreographer, ask them questions and challenge themselves to dance differently than they are used to.


We saw this as an opportunity to support other female dancers in the Jamaican dance space.


We wish to show an appreciation for Jamaican female choreographers and their individual dance styles by allowing them to teach dance workshops.


To build an international community of dancers who are willing to collaborate on multiple local and international dance projects that showcase their dancing styles.


These are videos of Dance Club pieces and activities.

"Get Up"

Music by: Ciara

Choreography by: Jonae Virgo


Music by: Blaiz Fayah, Tribal Kush

Choreography By: Maya Ashley


These are photos of Dance Club pieces and activities.

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