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Sherona Wright-McAllister

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Sherona Wright-McAllister started ballet at the age of 3, where she absolutely fell in love with it and have always used it as my way of expression and escape from her insecurities and fears. By the age of 12, she became very passionate about ballet, ultimately leading her to begin teaching all she knew at a local church.

She completed RAD Ballet Advanced 2 over 10 years ago, whilst in Medical School, then went on to a Masters in Sports Medicine because of her interest in dance/sports related injuries.

She believes ballet is so much more than people fear it to be. It’s for everyone regardless of your age, weight, sex, colour. It makes one stronger, more confident and more graceful, on the inside and outside.

Additional Information

  • Open to collaborations with organizations/companies
  • Teaches private dance classes
  • Available for guest teaching sessions
  • Sherona teaches physical (In-Person) Ballet classes to males and females over the age of 18 at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. She is based in Kingston, Jamaica. 

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