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32 Millsborough Crescent, Kingston 6 (Yoga Yaad Studio)

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ConfiDance is a dance class for women. We focus on creating a safe judgment-free space where you reconnect with your feminine energy, and sexuality and build self-confidence through easy dance routines (not technical choreography). Suitable for beginners.

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Heels, Dancehall, Hip-Hop

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Veronnie Sramata has been dancing since 1997. She began teaching dance classes in 2012. Her driving force for deciding to become a teacher was first to share her passion and knowledge and secondly, to help women and girls to boost their confidence. Veronnie loves the joy of dancing and seeing people’s true self when watching other people dance in class. A philosophy that she lives by is ”confidence is the best outfit”.

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Veronnie Sramata

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