Dance Masterlist

We have curated a list of people and places in Jamaica that are related to the dance and entertainment industry.


We wanted to make it easier for dancers, dance classes, dance teachers and studios to be found by creating a central place to host their information. The average Jamaican outside of the arts/entertainment industry doesn’t know about dance classes, dance teachers, or studios, or where to start looking for them. This list will help people who are looking to create brand deals with dancers or dance teachers, and people who are looking to join Afro, Dancehall, Latin or other type of dance classes.

Perks of signing up

A Comprehensive Hub

Tap into a comprehensive list of dancers, teachers, classes and studios in Jamaica.

Job Opportunities

Get exposure on our Masterlist and use it to get ahead and accelerate your career.

Who is the Masterlist for?

1. Dancers who want more recognition

2. Organisations who want to find a dancer to partner with

3. Organisations who want to find a dance teacher to teach a class at their event

4. Studios looking for dance teachers

5. Dancers looking for studios to rent for a class

6. Dancers just coming out of school and want to get discovered

7. Dance teachers who want more exposure for their dance classes