Kids Dance Classes

We present dance in a refreshing way.

For this season, we are taking a hybrid approach to teaching dance by offering physical dance classes along with an online component. The world we live in today has shown us that the way we learn is evolving beyond a classroom. 

Class Information

1. Start Date: Thursday, January 19, 2023

2. End Date: Thursday, April 13, 2023

3. Time: 5:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.

3. Age Range: 9 – 12 years

4. Price: US$500 (for the term) *payment plans are available*

5. Location: In Motion Dance and Fitness Studio (Shortwood Teachers’ College)

Class Includes

Our dance classes and online content are meant to match your daughter’s learning pace in a fun and refreshing way. 

13 Physical Classes

One (1) hour of classes every week.


Get reminders about your daughter's ‘at home’ dance sessions.


A Certificate of Completion will be issued at the end of the season.

24 Videos on Demand

Access online videos for the classes.


Water and Gatorade are provided for your daughter at all classes.

Exclusive Show

A private event where parents are invited to watch their daughters perform.

Benefits of Our Classes

At Dominique and Company Dance, a dance class is never ONLY about dancing. Our dance classes seek to improve the holistic development and wellbeing of your daughter.

Increased Self-Confidence & Self Esteem

Improved Social Skills

Improved Physical Confidence & Fitness

Relieves stress

Provides safe space for learning & growth

Improved Cognitive Function

Who these Classes are for

Below, we’ve presented problems that our dance programme solves.

Young girls who:

  • Feel left behind in their current dance programme.
  • Want to learn dance in a modern and entertaining way. E.g. online dance challenges

Parents who:

  • Are looking for an activity that will allow their daughter to enjoy dance in a safe space.
  • Believes their daughter is being neglected in their current dance programme due to the number of students involved in a class.
  • Want to see more technique improvement in their daughter.
  • Believes the teacher doesn’t understand their daughter’s learning style and pace.
  • Believes her daughter will be left behind if she misses a class.

Dance Instructors

Let us invest in and nurture your daughter’s love for dance, together.

Dominique Condison

Afro, Modern & Movement Training

Headshot Placeholder v1 - Dominique and Company Dance

Ashley Bromfield


Ready to Dance?

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