5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dancers

Written by Dominique and Company Dance


If you plan on gifting your friend or family member who is a dancer with a Christmas gift this year, take these ideas into consideration. When thinking about giving a gift to someone, we normally don’t think about career related gifts, which is completely okay. If you are looking to switch it up this Christmas, and want to include a gift that gives a nod of support and appreciation for their dance career and/or hobby, then we have a few ideas for you.


Christmas Gift Idea #1: Tickets to a dance show

As dancers, many of us have a list of shows that we’ve expressed interest in attending, whether it’s locally or internationally. These shows can range from the local church/school’s Christmas Concert, to the ballet’s Christmas classic, The Nutcracker, to Debbie Allen’s Hot Chocolate Nutcracker or to Parris Goebel’s Royal Family Experience. Go ahead and buy that ticket.


Christmas Gift Idea #2: Dance equipment/ accessories

This gift can take the form of stretching equipment that helps to stretch and massage their muscles and improve their bodies. Amazon is a good place to start if you are looking for a range of items that can fit your budget no matter how low or high. Click here to get inspiration from Amazon for the dance gift you plan to get.


Christmas Gift Idea #3: Gift card

You can never go wrong with a gift card… unless the dancer has expressed their dislike for gift cards as a gift.  The gift card can be from anyone of their favourite stores, whether they sell dance gear, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories or anything the dancer likes. We’ll drop a few links to online stores that offer e-gift cards: FentyBeauty/FentySkin, JLUXLABEL, Shein, Amazon.


Christmas Gift Idea #4: Spa Gift Certificate

A dancer’s body is their instrument and every once in a while, it needs to be fine tuned in order to keep going. Anything that helps a dancer’s body to relax and reset is a beautiful gift. Bear in mind that gifts can also show up in the form of Quality Time and are oftentimes the moments people will cherish the most. Planning a Spa Day would also be a great idea. Check out any one of these spas: Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, Adam and Eve Day Spa and Bella Oasis Day Spa.


Christmas Gift Idea #5: Book a dance photoshoot

Every dancer needs updated photos of themselves, whether it’s photos of them dancing or professional headshots. For active dancers, we’d recommend updating your photos on a yearly basis. A dance photoshoot can be a great way for your dancer friend or family member to be reminded of how far they’ve come in their dance journey and how much their body has grown and stretched. Get some inspiration from Pinterest, find a photographer and gift that dancer for Christmas. 


If you’ve gone through these Christmas gift ideas and nothing has come to mind, when in doubt, your best option is to ask (subtly or directly) the person who you are trying to get a gift for. It’s important to remember that getting a gift for someone is less about how fancy it looks and more about the thought behind it. If that gift meets a need they’ve had for an extended period of time, then you’re on the right track. Happy gift giving this Christmas season!