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About Us

Dominique and Company Dance was established in 2020 by Dominique Condison, in the midst of a global pandemic. The primary reason at the time was to build community using dance, despite us being ‘Alone’, we could still do it ‘Together’.
Dancing was one of the main activities that kept people moving and pulled us together with a simple dance challenge. The Company was also established to provide a space where females would feel comfortable expressing themselves through dance, whether it was virtually or in a physical space.
In experiencing the pandemic, she discovered the importance/gravity of how dance positively affected mental health and our everyday functioning. With this, Dominique took pride in creating and curating content for females by females using social media platforms as the outlet.
We now have a greater emphasis on the holistic development of dancers in the dance community, persons who love to dance and for new dancers entering the space. We embrace building a stronger dance community by giving dancers access to more dance classes, along with information that helps to improve their health and physical wellbeing.
Our dance classes and dance projects focus on teaching young girls and young women dance routines that promote self love, confidence and encourage female empowerment all while enjoying themselves.
Our logo is also an extension of this concept. We encourage “FEMpowerment and healing through dance”.
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"Dance until your mind, body, soul and
spirit are healed."

Dominique Condison,

Founder & CEO

Photo Credit: Destinee Condison

Our Founder

Dominique Condison is a Jamaican dancer and choreographer who has been dancing since the year 2000. Throughout her years of dancing, she danced with Stella Maris, Church on the Rock and B.E.A.M. She began teaching dancing to children and teenagers in the year 2017.

"Dance is a multifaceted creative instrument
that has the ability to heal, entertain, tell
stories and build communities all at once."

Dominique Condison,

Founder & CEO


Our mission is to use dance to help females discover the truest versions of themselves. We use the 5 “E”’s. We strive to:

1. Encourage and guide you on your dance journey.

2. Enhance your sense of attentiveness to your body and mind.

3. Empower you to be the best version of yourself by providing an environment that encourages your holistic development.

4. Educate you about dance and all it has to offer.

5. Equip you with a community of women who are ready to dance with you and cheer you on in your life’s journey.


Our vision is to use dance to expand the creative community in Jamaica, with the hope of creating opportunities for Jamaican dancers to gain international experience in the dance field that will help them to further their career.

To Tell Stories Through Dance

We hope to use dance as a channel through which women’s stories can be heard and seen internationally. The dance projects we create will tell these stories in an entertaining way that allows onlookers to better understand women, their experiences and how we all can be a part of the change we want to see in this world.

To Use Dance as Therapy

Our dance spaces will be a safe haven for women and girls to come, enjoy dancing, heal and tap into their truest selves while dancing. We hope to show the versatility of dance and how it can be used in everyday life to create a healthy environment for your holistic development.

Our Values

Our values guide our interactions with our community. Dominique & Company Dance C.A.R.E.S. We embody:

1. Creativity & Collaboration – we use our skills and talents in partnership with other creatives to bring stories to life.

2. Advocacy – we represent some of the most powerful and beautiful beings, women & girls.

3. Respect – we owe it to each other to listen and respond accordingly. We give respect at all times.

4. Excellence – we leave a piece of ourselves in everything we do, operating with integrity, dedication and love.

5. Service – we enjoy giving back to the organisations, communities and people that have built us into who we are.