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The Healing Woman Unpacked

June 29, 2023/

As they navigated their own paths of growth and self-acceptance, Marisa, Gabriella, Emma, and Diana formed an unbreakable bond. Together,…


June 14, 2023/

Diana, a vibrant and sociable woman, grappled with the burden of low self-worth. Incessantly plagued by comparisons to others, she…


June 14, 2023/

The passing of time seemed to defy expectations as Gabriella wrestled with the healing process. It offered no respite, no…


June 14, 2023/

Living with a broken heart proved to be an inescapable reality for Emma as she faced the aftermath of both…


June 14, 2023/

Marisa met a man who changed her life in one of the most unexpected ways, a man who she envisioned…


June 14, 2023/

Toni-Ann Phillips was born in Jamaica and has been passionately pursuing a career in the field of Marketing.  Beyond her…


June 14, 2023/

Jaida Walker, was born in Jamaica and raised in both Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands. She is passionately…


June 14, 2023/

Elizabeth Lewis, a Jamaican Microbiology Lab Technician and avid dance enthusiast, finds immense delight in exploring various forms of self-expression,…


June 14, 2023/

Dominique Condison, born and raised in Jamaica, embodies a diverse range of roles and talents. As a visionary, entrepreneur, creative,…

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